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Latest News: 2017 Trauma Education with Dr Leah Giarratano

Clinical Skills for Managing PTSD: Proven Practical Techniques for Treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

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By Dr Leah Giarratano B.A. (Hons.), M.Psych., D.Psych.


Based upon a sell out Australian and New Zealand training program for mental health professionals, this text provides a highly practical, interactive learning experience for mental health clinicians working with traumatised clients. The overriding orientation of the treatment techniques is cognitive behavioural, and is based upon best practice for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder. Numerous case studies demonstrate how to implement the dozens of treatment techniques covered. This book contains 13 chapters and 401 pages. It was published in 2004. Book size is 210mm x 150mm.

Topics include:

  • Assessment of PTSD (includes forensic issues and report writing; malingering; psychometric tools; tips for clinical interviews; mapping strategies for organising symptoms and creating frameworks for treatment; review of epidemiology and risk factors for PTSD; functional analysis for dysfunctional behaviours)
  • Beyond PTSD: Common comorbid conditions and associated features of PTSD
  • Psychoeducation for traumatised clients
  • Arousal reduction: Regaining physiological control (dozens of techniques for reducing hyperarousal, including breathing control strategies, grounding and distraction exercises, relaxation and self-hypnosis exercises, visual imagery and isometrics)
  • Invivo exposure therapy: Reducing avoidance behaviours
  • Exposure therapy for traumatic memories: Reducing re-experiencing symptoms (includes step-by-step instruction in exposure therapy for traumatic memories with frequent case examples and problem-solving tips; variations of common exposure therapy protocols)
  • False memories? The recovered memory debate explored
  • Anger management for traumatised clients
  • Cognitive restructuring for PTSD
  • Self-care for trauma clinicians

The table of contents is as follows:
Chapter 1: Symptoms of PTSD
Chapter 2: Epidemiology of PTSD
Chapter 3: Assessment of PTSD
Chapter 4: Associated features of PTSD
Chapter 5: Providing psychoeducation
Chapter 6: Treatment frameworks: A cognitive behavioural approach
Chapter 7: Arousal Reduction
Chapter 8: In vivo exposure therapy
Chapter 9: Exposure therapy for traumatic memories
Chapter 10: Cognitive therapy for PTSD
Chapter 11: The recovered memory debate explored
Chapter 12: Recovery? A client’s perspective
Chapter 13: Self care

Note: The following manual completes the above text by providing clinician resources and handouts for distribution to clients. It also includes case plans and answers to the questions posed throughout the text.

Giarratano, L (2004) Managing Psychological Trauma: Clinician and Client Resources for the Clinical Skills Series, Talomin Books, Sydney, Australia, ISBN 1-920902-04-X

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ISBN 978-1-92090-200-1 (Softcover)


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