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CBT for GPs: GP and Patient Resources

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By Dr Leah Giarratano B.A. (Hons.), M.Psych., D.Psych.


Please note that this is not a stand alone book. It has been designed to accompany an in-depth text on cognitive behavioural psychological strategies for general practitioners, this manual provides resources and handouts for distribution to patients presenting with psychological symptoms (e.g., health-related anxiety, depression).

This resource also includes case plans and answers to the questions posed throughout the main text. Handouts include dozens of effective arousal reduction instruction sheets; numerous monitoring forms (e.g., mood monitoring forms; cognitive challenging forms, exposure hierarchies; desensitisation monitoring charts; etc); patient instruction sheets for the numerous therapeutic techniques detailed in the main text; homework tasks for clients; and various clinical assessment maps, models, and treatment planning tools for use by the clinician.

Working through this manual with their patients, medical practitioners will empower each patient to target their psychological symptoms using structured, evidenced-based tools and techniques. Having all of the cognitive behavioural treatment strategies summarised and pre-prepared in patient-friendly format begins the process of helping the patient understand and take control of their symptoms. This book contains 3 chapters and 67 pages. It was published in 2004. Book size is 210mm x 150mm.

The table of contents is as follows:
Chapter 1: Patient handouts
Chapter 2: Practitioner worksheets
Chapter 3: Exercise reviews

Photocopying rights:The publisher authorises individual purchasers of CBT for GPs: GP and Patient Resources nonassignable permission to photocopy selected handouts, homework sheets, and resources contained within this manual for clinical use with individual clients. The publisher does not authorise copying of this book in its entirety.

Note: CBT for GPs: GP and Patient Resources complements and completes the following text:

Giarratano, L (2004) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Strategies for use in General Practice: Effective Psychological Strategies for Medical Practitioners, Talomin Books, Sydney, Australia,ISBN 1-920902-01-5

If you wish to contact Leah Giarratano, please send a detailed enquiry to her assistant using this form

ISBN 978-1-92090-205-6 (Softcover)


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